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About BIMForum


New BIMForum Event Dates  - October 8-10, 2014 (Exhibits: October 9-10)

The BIMForum’s mission is to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the AEC industry. We will lead by example and synchronize with counterparts in all sectors of the industry to jointly develop best practice for virtual design and construction (VDC). We will share our experiences and execute our goals via online forums, highly useful deliverables and practical industry conferences. We will revolutionize the building industry.

The BIMForum meets twice yearly, and its events have grown significantly since its inception. Influential BIM solution providers are involved in a highly interactive program that includes premium networking opportunities across a two-day summit with A/E/C project teams, owners/operators, and technology leaders. Exclusive sponsorship and display opportunities have been added to heighten the level of engagement and energy, and to optimize the value for all BIMForum participants.



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For more information on sponsoring and exhibiting contact, AGC Exhibit Sales Team at 301-270-3170, or




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